About Ketewan


I am Ketewan. This is a Georgian name. Born and raised in Georgia, now living in Estonia with my husband and study there at the master’s program.

On this blog, I am telling about my transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

What I say now sounds pathetic, but it is as it is.

I no more want to be another over-consumer of plastic, fast fashion, and suspicious food. Just by the end of 2018 I could buy discounted 9€ shirt from H&M and feel satisfied with my purchase, or buy the whole bunch of new makeup at Black Friday and do not use even half of them, or permanently buy single-use plastic bags at the supermarket.

It hurts to recognize that everyday innocent choices, such as buying completely legal staff, support child labor, women exploitation, pollution, water and soil contamination. I do not want to support that damn staff anymore.

I want to document my successes and disappointments, shames and prides, discoveries and other important things that I’ll find throughout this journey.

I will be more than happy if my experience helps you somehow. Join me!

Feel free to follow my Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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