My Favorite thrift shops in Tallinn

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Whether you are a tourist or Tallinn resident eager to have some crazy thrifting experience, here is a list of second-hand shops I usually visit. 

I would say, Tallinn is a decent place to go for a thrift. Most of the shops are comfortable to shop at, and they are located within the city center area. I can visit 4-5 different shops and still have the second half of the day left to… visit another 4-5 shop! Since I started my sustainable journey, I highly appreciate that. 

Just to remind you, buying and using pre-owned clothing and other items has a dramatically less environmental impact than buying new ones. And they are way cheaper than brand new items. 

Uuskasutus-Keskus chain

Probably this one is my favorite of the favorites. 

Uuskasutus is an amazing success story of the Estonian second-hand shop. They have overall 10 shops in Estonia, and 6 of them are in Tallinn. A list of addresses can be found on their website.

Uuskasutus second hand shop cuties. Tallinn, Estonia

The name of the shop, “Uuskasutus-keskus” means the re-use center in Estonian. I’ve been in this shop so many times that I can pronounce the name fluently. Yeaass! 

Uuskasutus-keskus shop

At Uuskasutus, you can find everything that could be found in a typical Estonian household in the past 5-30 years. Ranged from enormous or modestly-sized sofas to music instruments and old Estonian journals. 

Uuskasutus sells only locally donated items, they do not import goods from foreign countries. Sometimes I look at Uuskasutus as a modern art museum, where you see some authentic stuff from local culture. Love it! 

I had the opportunity to meet the CEO, Katriin Juriska, and was amazed by how fiercely she was motivated about her job. She mentioned that Uuskasutus-keskus shops are designed the way to be look-alike modern fancy department shops. There is no place for the clutter and messy piles.

There is a place in my heart for those old radio and player things. At Uuskasutus-Keskus

Every Uuskasutus shop is profitable. They use their profit to combat bullying at schools, open new shops and re-designing new items from the used materials.  

Prices: I paid two EUR for a beautiful wooden bowl shown below on the pic. You can get a coffee mug as low as 0.40 cents. Prices on clothing start from 2 EUR. The furniture is more expensive. 

The Holy Trinity of Balta – Fankadelik, Sveta, MS vintage

Ohh I love that place! Those are spectacular thrift shops located on the 2nd floor of Balti Jaama Turg, a must-see marketplace in Telliskivi creative city. 

Imagine the fanciest Etsy vintage store ever. Fankadelik Vintage is like that, just in the form of a real shop.

Fankadelik Vintage at Balti Jaam

You know, folks say that vintage shops remind them grandma’s closet. Do not be mistaken. None of my grandmas were indulged with a Chanel jacket hanging in their drawer. In the Soviet Union, they did not have staff like this.

No scarcity of sparkles and chic at Fankacelik

So, if you are into luxury, I would say exclusive vintage womenswear you cannot usually find in other stores, go for Fankadelik. 

Fankadelik and MS vintage share the same space at Balti Jaam, but you will shortly guess which is which. MS vintage is highly curated vintage accessories and clothing. The beauty in those little details is totally alluring. 

MS Vintage shop at Balti Jaam

It was also nice to see how they are making an effort to look authentic in all the way possible. Last time I checked, one of the staff members looked like a girl from “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. Nice job, MS vintage!

MS vintage beauties

Sveta Vintage is besides to MS vintage. They are selling garments from the ’80s and ’90s as well, both for men and women. 

Sveta Vintage Shop at Balti Jaam. The Shop is a beaut!

I feel like that if you are into Instagram friendly modern streetwear, Sveta vintage will satisfy your heart. You can find here some vintage Doc Martens, Levis jeans, lots os sparkly stuff, sometimes even Burberry coat. 

Would you like some Sveta candies?

Prices: All three shop is about the exclusivity, so it is not cheap like Humana or Uuskasutus. For example, you can get a high street blazer in a decent condition for 100-200 EUR, sometimes even more. It depends on the brand and how rare is the specific item. The classic vintage skirt was like 20-40 EUR. 

Paavli Kaltsukas

Paavli Kaltsukas is little bit far away from the center of the city, but it is definitely worth visiting!

Though it is not in the center, the shop is not hard to find, because they have a huge green symbols attached on the buildings. They have a several locations at Paavli street.

At Paavli Kaltsukas

The shop is quite large. They have a really big selection of women and menswear, shoes, accessories, even books and tableware. There is a separate space for kid’s clothing, accessories and toys as well.

At Paavli Kaltsukas

If you go there, you need to have some time, as the shop is large and you cannot check everything in 20 min.

Paavli Sendikas. Love the desingn!

Prices: as the store sells mostly second hand fast fashion, prices are really reasonable, like you can get a decent shirt for 1-3 EUR, a jacket from 8 EUR.

Sobralt  Sobrale

Soblalt Sobrale means Friend to Friend. They are owned by the union of Evangelical Christian and Baptist Churches in Estonia. They have 18 shops in the country. One of them, shown on the pictures, is at Balti Jaam.

Sobralt Sobrale shop at Balti Jaam

They sell home and kitchen goods, toys, furniture, clothing, etc. By the way, I’ve bought my favorite coffee mug at theirs. It was like 50 cents. 

My fav corner at Sobralt Sobrale Balti Jaam

Prices: quite cheap. You can buy lots of kitchen items for 1-5 euros. Some small items are less than 1 EUR. Furniture is more expensive.


A.G.A.N shop at Rotterman City has two parts: at one half of the store, you will see international brands second hand, at the other half: some brand new Estonian designer clothing and accessories. If you would like to get both in the same space, A.G.A.N will be a great choice. 

AGAN shop at Rotterman City

The tagline of the shop is “as good as new” to which I would add that second hand can be even better than new if you consider environmental impact. 


Prices: The price depends on the brand. Like, you can get a decent second hand top for 15-25 EUR, sometimes for even less.

Vintage Humana Tallinn

Many of the vintage clothing in my closet comes from Humana Vintage. That’s why

Humana People to People is owned by Tvind from Denmark, which is a HIGHLY CONTROVERCIAL organization. I’ve learned about it after publishing this blog and edited this paragraph it to let you know about that as well.

Humana has more than 20 stores in Estonia, but I’ll talk about only their vintage shops, located in Tallinn,  Tartu mnt 29 and Kotzebue 27.

Vintage Humana Tallinn accessories

Vintage Humana is about vintage shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, but most of all it is about clothing. They say they sell ’60-’90 fashion classics and most of their garments look just like that.

Many of Estonian vintage Humana garments are made in Finland, but you can find things made in Demnark, Italy, France, England, etc. 

Humana Vintage Shop in Tallinn, Tartu mnt 29

Prices: The most common price range is 5 – 16 EUR, but coats and jackets are usually up to 18-25 EUR more expensive.  They often offer sales, so it gets cheaper. At the end of the collection cycle you can often buy items for 1-2 EUR each.

PS. Please note that the photos displayed above are taken during the months of researching and shopping at the shops. When you visit any of the mentioned shop next time, you may not see the same collection.

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