Lazy-ass way to get an efficient closet

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In this post, I will tell you how I organized my closet and kept it simple both online and offline.

My “organizing closet” face

It’s been a very dramatic moment in the past when my mom used to tell me to organize my own closet. Organized or not, I could not see the difference because I always had nothing to wear and never had a correctly planned shopping list.

But, as an honest sustainability aspirant, I believe that I cannot continue with messy closet that hell knows what’s going in there. So, I got started.

What do I mean by an efficient closet? This is not a capsule/minimalist wardrobe or something like that. That is a tool which lets you know what you like in this messy pile of clothing, what you need to declutter, what amount of the garment is in a good or bad condition.

So, I couldn’t have started more traditionally: emptied the whole closet at once and put everything on the bad. That looked scary.

For God’s sake.

Then opened my Google sheets and wrote down the categories, like T-shirts, pants, blouses, short dresses, skirts, scarves, etc.

Also, I introduced indicators to describe my feelings. e.g Love (L)/Hate(H), and indicators of the condition of the garment: Good Condition(3), Wearable(2), Damaged(1).

After that, I started to log each piece according to the categories I just created. To specify which piece is which, I used some unique characteristics of each garment, such as the brand/origin and color. E.g “Ugly green corporate shirt”. Here is an example of my T-shirt table:

The advantages of this method:

You know exactly how many pieces you own, what you love or hate, how many of these are in good condition. As easy as it is!

The best prerequisite for decluttering. You know what to recycle or upcycle (the combination of 1 and H) and what to sell and give to charity shops (The combination of 2,3 with H).

You can always check what is your closet remotely. You do not need to open a closet every time and decide every time what you like or not. Or how many items you need to get rid of. You already have a clear guide which is accessible from laptop or mobile phone.

It is the best shopping guide – you always know what you need. if you are shopping and cannot decide to buy it, just check how many items do you have in the same color and material? Does it match with the other pieces in your closet? If not, just move on.

Change the data when you get new pieces, or renovate and upcycle the old ones.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The disadvantages of this method:

It takes time. Thankfully, here in Tallinn my closet is not really big, I left part of my garments in Georgia. My husband helped as well. But still, it took me almost one WHOLE day to organize and log every item both digitally and physically. Certainly, in between, I had lots of caffeine and carbs to spike my energy levels high enough to terminate that job! Actually, that was neither easy nor hard. Once you get your table, it is super easy to update it and continue your lazy-ass closet living.

It is not for you if you hate digital solutions. I know some people do.

Who is that method for?

  1. Who cannot decide easily what to declutter and what – not.
  2. Who desires to discover her/his style.
  3. Who needs to know clearly what types of garments needs to be purchased. For example, I learned that I needed to declutter and then buy new trousers, as I did hate 60% of my existing jeans. How could I make this happen?

There are tons of other ways to arrange the closet including the famous Marie Kondo method. I think that one works best for me as I was not ready to declutter EVERYTHING at once. Now I have a document where everything is sorted and that is a great starting point for decluttering or for building capsule or right-size wardrobe.

Let me know in the comments how you organize your clothing. Which method do you find the most efficient?

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